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Even Heavy Radio Listeners Use Other Media

heavy radio listeners on the Music 3.0 blog

Radio is declining in influence in the U.S., but it’s still quite formidable thanks to its “heavy listeners” or those who consume more than one hour of radio per day, according to the latest study by Edison Research. It’s annual Infinite Dial report, conducted in partnership with Triton Digital, states that 30% of the American population over the […]

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Social Media Usage Is Going Down In The U.S.

Social media usage 2018 on Music 3.0 blog

Have we reached peak social media? It’s beginning to look that way if the data from The Infinite Dial study is to be believed. The annual report is a collaboration between Edison Research and Triton Digital and takes a look at the digital and analog consumption habits of people in the U.S. This year’s version […]

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Pandora And Smart Speakers Are The Surprises In The Infinite Dial Study

Infinite Dial

For 20 years Edison Research has been conducting its Infinite Dial study that measures media and technology consumption in the United States. As always, the latest edition has a number of interesting discoveries, but it also identifies the new trends that may be in front of us, yet we find difficult to see. Here are […]

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Americans Are Consuming More Radio Than Ever

SiriusXM in-dash radio

There may not be as much money in radio as there once was, but the evidence mounts that people in the U.S. are consuming more of it than ever before. Better still, the trend shows no sign of slowing down. According to data from Edison Research, the percentage of Americans 12 years of age or older […]

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What Do People Listen To On Their Smartphones?

Smartphone listening

Edison Research recently completed a study on smartphone usage and discovered that the listening habits of users isn’t quite what we believed it to be. in fact, the results were pretty surprising. 54% listened to a radio channel 16% listened to music they own 15% listened to Pandora or other radio-like streaming services 7% listen […]

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